Geocaching in Blackshear

Geocaching is a family friendly, outdoor adventure game that is played with a GPS device or Smartphone. Basically, you get the GPS coordinates to a location and then go find a container at that location. You sign the log and hide the container in the same location where you found it for others to find. There are over 50 geocaches in Blackshear and Pierce County and over 2 million world wide.

The Blackshear Better Hometown Program is also offering a geocaching challenge in Blackshear, where you can earn a trackable Blackshear Geocaching Challenge geocoin and/or a Blackshear Geocaching Challenge PathTag.

Here’s how it works:

Download and print a Blackshear Geocahing Challenge grid sheet or pick one up at Comfort Inn Blackshear (155 Main St., N 31° 18.276 W 82° 14.521)


If you are not already registered to geocache, go to and sign up for an account. Then search for geocaches in Blackshear, GA or in postal code 31516. You may also view the bookmark list. All eligible caches for the challenge start with BGT followed by a number and the cache name (Ex. BGT1 – Blackshear History Tour). There are a total of 30 BGT designated geocaches and there are 5 different geocache types available (traditional, multi, letterbox, wherigo, and puzzle).

As you search for caches and sign the paper log, be sure to stamp your grid sheet in the
appropriate box for each corresponding cache you find. Don’t forget to log your find online as well!

When you are ready to receive your trackable Blackshear Geocaching Challenge geocoin and/or Blackshear Geocaching Challenge PathTag, fill out the requested information on your grid sheet. Then redeem your stamped grid sheet at Comfort Inn Blackshear (155 Main St., N 31° 18.276 W 82° 14.521).

To receive your trackable Blackshear Geocaching  Challenge geocoin, you mu st have a minimum of 25 boxes correctly stamped. To receive your Blackshear Geocaching Challenge PathTag, you must have a minimum of 2 boxes of each geocache type correctly stamped.

Print Rules & Guidelines

If you need additional information about the Blackshear Geocaching Challenge, please send at email to