Historic Downtown Blackshear
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The Haunted Parlor



E.L. Craven's Funeral parlor was founded in Blackshear GA in 1909. He was said to have been a doctor in his previous career, but quit his practice for unknown reasons and moved to Blackshear  . He lost his wife and son in a fire that burnt the funeral parlor to the ground in the summer of 1914. By late October that same year he had the place rebuilt, and moved in. … No one was quiet sure why, because he never re-opened the funeral parlor to the public and went as far as bricking in or boarded up most of the doors and windows. Some speculate he did it to preserve the remaining memory of his family and some even go so far as to say he rebuilt it to keep their ghosts alive. There were several complaints through the years of loud screams and noises in the middle of the night. Whatever happened, one thing was for sure, the once family oriented pillar of the community was now acting very strange and withdrawn.   Sightings of him throughout the next couple of years where mostly at night at the back of the parlor, to meet a delivery truck, or in the grave yard just wandering around. As the years past, he continues to become more and more bitter and distant until it seemed like he'd vanished.

That's where the tale of Mr. Craven grows cold and a bit strange. Decades later, around the summer of 2008, a lot of strange activities started re-occurring once again at the mysterious Parlor. Unmarked vans and delivery trucks, screams once again in the middle of the night and what’s most puzzling is the fact that it appears he has a full staff working for him.

But where did they come from?

What are they doing?

And where do they go at night?

I am sure there is some logical explanation. But, the story years ago that seemed to be most common with the old timers was that Doctor E.L. Craven had gone mad, and was searching for a way to keep himself alive and to bring back his wife and son. But they were old timers and were probably just imagining things,

I mean, only today's science has proven that you must use live people to harvest organs anyway. …...But maybe that's why the New sign says,


 “Visitors Welcome” “E.L. Craven Corp.”

“Where People are DYING to get in